Emerging Opportunities and Trends in Energy Storage and E-mobility

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Welcome to the Emerging Opportunities and Trends in Energy Storage and E-mobility webinar.

Webinar Overview

The awareness and sensitivity to protect our environment are at a new high. As a result, new emission-free drives are being researched around the globe.

Electric mobility has entrenched itself as a viable successor to the internal combustion engine vehicles, and India's automotive landscape is bound to become increasingly electric. Likewise, promising technologies in the energy storage domain are poised to scale-up in near future.

The webinar will create awareness about the career avenues that e-mobility and energy storage hold for the future. It will give an overview of the challenges and ways to overcome them. E-mobility and Energy Storage Systems shall be among the most sought-after technologies of the decade. 


  • Significance of energy storage and the promising future it holds
  • Latest trends in technology
  • Markets for ESS and e-mobility
  • R&D requirement in the emerging technology space
  • career opportunities within energy storage and e-mobility ecosystem

Duration:~1 hour 30 min 


  • Dr Rahul Walawalkar
  • Dr Ajit Kumar Jindal

Good for

  • Engineering/ Management/ PhD students
  • Working professionals
  • Aspiring researchers in the e-mobility/ ESS field
  • Teaching professionals
  • Consumers of electric vehicles and renewable energy
Webinar Overview
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