Energy Storage for Solar Mini Grids

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Welcome to Energy Storage for Solar Mini-Grids Course.

Course Overview

A mini-grid is a small-scale interconnected electricity system with one or more energy resources (DERs) that generate and distribute power to a localized group of customers. Mini-grids typically consist of a power generation source, such as solar panels, wind turbines, or diesel generators, along with a battery bank for energy storage and control systems for managing the distribution of electricity.

Mini-grids are often used in areas where access to centralized electricity grids is limited or non-existent, and they can be used to power households, small communities, or commercial and industrial operations. They can be designed to operate in isolation or be interconnected with the larger grid when available. This course will help you understand the benefits of mini-grids in both remote and urban areas.


  • Introduce the concept of mini-grids and their role in rural electrification.
  • Identify the benefits of mini-grids in remote and urban areas.
  • Recognize the global need for mini-grids and their current status.
  • Analyze the role of LCOS in technology selection for mini-grids.
  • Compare emerging battery technologies for mini-grid applications.
  • Evaluate the factors affecting the choice of storage technology for mini-grids.
  • Assess the future of battery storage for mini-grid applications.
  • Analyze case studies of mini-grid projects using various battery technologies.

Duration: ~ 40 min


Energy Storage for Solar Mini Grids Status and Projections of Battery Deployment