Policy & Regulatory Considerations to Deploy BESS in Developing Countries

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Welcome to the Policy & Regulatory Considerations to Deploy BESS in Developing Countries course

Course Overview

The policy and regulatory challenges and opportunities to deploy storage in developing countries discusses the power system contexts with a focus on weak grids, which will bring to the discussion the power capacity, the grid infrastructure, monitoring and control equipment, and adequate maintenance. Furthermore, it is crucial for the audience to understand the role of energy storage as a flexible source through its power related to its market-based versatility according to a large amount of energy storage technologies.

After going through those contextual concepts, the module will start developing the policy, market, and regulatory considerations. For instance, when discussing remuneration options to motivate and facilitate BESS deployment in developing countries, this module will include options around non-market remuneration models, single-buyer remuneration models, full-market remuneration models, and different illustrative case studies for each one of those options. Moreover, this section will further guide the audience through the relevance of understanding ownership and operations from energy storage providers to the deployment of energy storage. With a large variety of remuneration models, it is crucial to provide the audience with the tools to define their adequacy for certain policy contexts, which leads to the inclusion of combinations of use cases and remuneration options and other considerations. Finally, BESS deployment in developing countries is also limited by non-economic barriers that the audience needs to take into account. For example, taxes, surcharges, and levels of energy storage deployment can challenge it, while subsidies, appropriate definitions and standards, and adequate grid connection codes can enhance such deployment.

Course Objective

  • To identify the barriers and opportunities from policy and regulatory perspectives on nascent BESS markets.
  • To identify the risks and strengths from a market perspective on BESS markets in developing countries.
  • To recognize the influence of policy and regulatory considerations on the BESS business models.
  • To describe assessments on BESS techno-economic system value and BESS financial project values.
  • To summarize remuneration options and financial structures to ensure sufficient BESS project value.
  • To analyze non-economic barriers to deploying BESS projects.

Duration: ~ 50 min


Policy and Regulatory Considerations to Deploy BESS in Developing Countries