Roundtable Discussion on EV Battery Fire, Safety & Challenges

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Welcome to the Roundtable Discussion on EV Battery Fire, Safety & Challenges.



As electric vehicles(EVs) gain popularity for reducing the carbon footprint and increasing environmental cleanliness, the safety of EVs has become a topic of prime importance. While there are advances in battery research and new, safer battery chemistries are being developed in R&D labs globally, the challenges related to battery safety still exist. More recently, there have been several lithium-ion battery vehicle fire incidents reported and these include all categories of EVs. Battery manufacturers and automakers contend that there have been significant improvements in the technology and the risk of an EV battery pack catching fire is few and far too overblown. Thus, this roundtable provides awareness on EV battery safety and answer various queries from experts in this sector.



  • Challenges and design of lithium-ion batteries
  • Overview on predictive safety diagnostic
  • Understanding BMS (battery management system)
  • Understanding EV batteries safety
  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) views on EV battery market
  • Expert views on the viral video of two-wheeler catching fire in India


Duration: ~ 2 hours



  • Ms. Kathirvel Kanarindhana
  • Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies
  • Mr. Nishant Arya
  • Dr. Sajid Mubashir
  • Dr. Tata Narasingha Rao
  • Mr. Andy Back
  • Dr. Rahul Walawalkar
  • Mr. Anand A. Deshpande
  • Dr. Salahuddin
  • Dr. Judy Jeevarajan
  • Mr. Stefan Louis
  • Mr. Naveen Kumar
  • Mr. Kannan V Subramanian
  • Mr. Ashok Thakur


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This roundtable took place on 12th October 2021.


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