IESA Open Webinar on Incubation, Investment & Growth Opportunities for Start-ups in EV & Energy Storage Space

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Welcome to the IESA Open Webinar on Incubation, Investment & Growth Opportunities for Start-up in EV & Energy Storage Space.

Webinar Overview

Energy Storage has emerged as a key technology for the transformation of electricity systems and the reduction of carbon emissions around the world. As per IEA, global energy storage production is expected to increase 20-fold by 2040. India is going to need more energy storage than any other country for its ambitious renewables push, grid stability, energy access, and reliable & quality power for the consumers. India is also quickly moving in the direction of electrifying mobility with the intent to catalyze demand for electric vehicles (EVs).
To drive this growth various IESA member start-ups companies like Ather Energy, Ampere Vehicle, Sun Mobility, Twarit Mobility, Supriya Charging, Cell Propulsion, Bounce, Grintech, Li Energy, Renon, Pastice Energy, Log9 Materials, PIXII, Vision Mechatronics, Midwest Energy, Vflowtech have taken their first step and creating a robust ecosystem. Various Indian and global investors & fund houses already started investing in these start-ups on believing their solutions & vision. To promote fast growth in the energy storage & EV domain, IESA is launching a virtual accelerator program to drive the industry. In this webinar, we have invited a few start-ups, Incubators, Investors, Government bodies to discuss and share their stories to encourage & support new-age entrepreneurs.


About SAR group
About livguard energy
About Ncubate capital partners
Areas of interest for startup investment - Ncubate

From MietY
About ways to survive in this pandemic - startup
About devised MeitY startup hub
Role of MeitY startup hub
About working of MeitY startup hub

From Atal Innovation mission
About incubation centers
About challenges to stimulate product innovations
About execution of several nationwide innovations and entrepreneurship initiatives


From AGNIi
About AGNIi
About AGNIi services
About AGNIi's role in ecosystem partnership
About AGNIi innovations, R&D, and opportunities

About India EV and energy storage market
About global landscape - commercialization of advanced energy battery technologies
About entrepreneurship opportunities and startup ecosystem
About IESA academic collaboration
About IESA outreach forum

From Vflowtech
About Vflotech working
About how a startup can benefit
About renewable energy
About different technologies to store energy
About battery investment over a decade
About challenges with existing VRFB(variable refrigerant flow battery)technologies
About Vflow technological innovation with VRB( vanadium redox flow battery)

From Growth and EVs Bounce
About Growth and EVs Bounce
About challenges and their solutions
About the future of the Bounce is electric
About the future of EV is swappable battery

From Jeevtronics
About Jeevtronics
About the 1st dual power defibrillators
About market size and segmentation



  • To provide knowledge on start-up hubs and areas of interest for start-up 
  • About startup ecosystem and opportunities
  • Discussion on start-ups showcasing their technologies and also challenges faced them
  • About innovations nationwide and entrepreneurship initiatives

Duration: ~2 hours 


  • Dr AK Garg
  • Dr Ramanan Ramanathan
  • Mr Sidharth Choudhary
  • Mr Rakesh Malhotra
  • Dr Rahul Walawalkar
  • Dr Avishek Kumar
  • Mr Aniruddha Atre
  • Mr Bharath Devanathan

This webinar took place on 14th May 2020



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