Introduction to Battery Safety Standards

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Welcome to the Introduction to Battery Safety Standards course.

Course Overview

As we know, the batteries that power many of your household devices and children's toys contain harmful substances, like acids, that can cause serious injury and even death if swallowed by a child. They can also pose a risk of fire or explosion. Thus, to ensure battery safety, standards are required. This course will help you understand the need to develop safety standards.


This course will help you understand:

  • What is standard?
  • Why do we need standards?
  • Who formulates Indian standards?
  • How Indian standards are formulated?
  • Harmonization with international standards
  • Implementation of Indian standards - regulations
  • Introduction to the national committee on secondary cells and batteries 
  • Introduction to Indian standards on the safety of secondary batteries - important requirements specified


Dr. Rahul Walawalkar

Shyam Kumar

Duration: ~ 75 min

About the Student Series:

The energy and transportation ecosystems are undergoing a dynamic transition globally with a paradigm shift from lead-acid to lithium-ion batteries. With the increased demand for electric vehicles and stationary energy, energy storage systems are becoming a necessity for these ecosystems.

As we dive into advanced energy storage research and scale up production and usage of energy storage systems, it becomes critical to build a strong foundation for the future workforce. On this background, starting August 2022, IESA Academy is organizing a year-long student series on energy storage systems to

  • Increase awareness of energy storage systems
  • Build a foundation for energy storage systems taskforce
  • Simplify energy storage concepts for a non-technical audience
  • Open the spectrum of emerging technologies to students and non-technical professionals

Topics to be covered:

Session 1: Introduction to Energy Storage System and its Applications. 

Session 2: Fundamentals of Batteries and Battery Parameters. 

Session 3: Fundamentals of Battery Chemistry. 

Session 4: Introduction to Electric Vehicles Batteries. 

Session 5: Introduction to Battery Testing. 

Session 6: Introduction to Battery Management Systems. 

Session 8: Introduction to Battery Supply Chain. 

Session 9: Introduction to ESS and Renewable Energy Integration. 

Session 10: Introduction to Green Hydrogen. 

Session 11: Introduction to Microgrids. 

Session 12: RnD Facilities, Internship and Startup Opportunities. 

Course Overview
Introduction to Battery Safety Standards