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Introduction to Electrical Substation Batteries and Telecom BTS Tower Batteries

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Welcome to the Introduction to Electrical Substation Batteries and Telecom BTS Tower Batteries course.

Course Overview

Electrical substation batteries play an important role in disconnecting the mains power supply (high voltage power supply) when there is tripping. For the operation of isolators, metering, etc, we need electrical substation batteries which are a backup source of power in case of utility power failure. Telecom BTS tower batteries are used to provide standby power to critical applications in the Telecom industry. The Introduction to Electrical Substation Batteries and Telecom BTS Tower Batteries course provides information on batteries used in electrical substations and telecom BTS towers. Additionally, in this course, Mr. Sandeep Gupte also shares insight into the Telecom Industry.

Course Objective

This course helps you understand 

About electrical substation batteries:

  • Selection of batteries, battery capacity, capacity test
  • Type of batteries 
  • Battery room design
  • Operation and maintenance of batteries
  • Service life and replacement planning

About telecom BTS tower batteries:

  • Line diagram of telecom BTS tower batteries
  • Charging and discharging mode of batteries
  • Battery capacity for on-grid and off-grid
  • Operation and maintenance of batteries
  • Efficiency test

Course Duration:~ 1 hour 30 min

Speaker:  Rajarshi Sen
                Sandeep Gupte

Good For

The course content is essential for those who are working in

  • Designing
  • Maintaining
  • Operating
  • Installing 

for Electrical substation batteries and telecom BTS tower batteries.

BTS stands for Base Transceiver Station. 


Course Overview
Course Introduction
Selection of Batteries, Battery Capacity, Capacity Test
Applications, Charging and Discharging of Batteries
Telecom Power Supply Line Diagram, Applications, Charging and Discharging Mode
Operation and Maintenance, Battery Room Design, Installation and Commissioning
Predicting Battery Service Life and Replacement Planning
Insight to Telecom Industry By Sandeep Gupte