Knowledge Series Webinar on Swapping Technology and Battery as a Service

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Welcome to the Knowledge Series Webinar on Swapping Technology and Battery as a Service webinar.

Webinar Overview

Batteries are the most expensive component of an EV, and separating the power pack from the car can lower the upfront purchase price, reducing one of the main barriers to entry for drivers considering the switch to an electric vehicle. Many companies have been offering batteries as a service. The constant turnover of batteries makes it easier to monitor defects and fix them before they catch fire or cause serious accidents. Regular charging at swapping stations may extend battery life. In Longer-term, it could help cut design and development costs for automakers if they adopt a standardized battery for the convenience of swapping. Battery-swap networks also lay a foundation for recycling depleted batteries, a growing concern as early EVs reach the end of their life span and shortages of battery components such as lithium worsen. Companies looking to get into the battery-swapping game face high start-up costs. The batteries are also expensive, making it a capital-intensive business and imperative to maximize the number of times batteries are in use.

With the emphasis on the battery as a Service in the recent Union Budget, it aims to increase charging networks, especially in urban areas. With battery as service, you only pay for the service provided where the cost of owning batteries is eliminated and provide electrical power. It can keep track of battery performance and suggest replacement when needed. This business model is becoming increasingly popular as there are no surprises or hidden costs, and the function is always guaranteed. This new service provides battery swapping options that offer a solution to address shorter-range issues of an EV. Also, battery swapping is less time-consuming and requires minimum infrastructure compared to charging stations making this model almost a viable option driving future adoption.


This webinar provides an understanding of

  • IESA recommendations on the upcoming battery swapping policy
  • Swappable battery business model
  • Technical requirements for battery swapping 
  • Benefits of battery swap business model for various stake holders
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • EV charging & battery swapping
  • Government support and initiatives
  • EV ecosystem 
  • Automated and manual battery swapping
  • Design requirements for technology provider
  • Exicom's swapping solutions
  • Battery as a service the way forward
  • Benefits to OEM's
  • Infinity's technology
  • Use cases

Duration: 1 hour 15 min


Dr Anand Deshpande
Sr. Deputy Director and Head Automotive,

Mr Priyank Agrawal
Vice President- Strategy and Business
Exicom Tele-systems

Mr Debi Prasad Dash
Executive Director,

Mr Nitin K Nandan
Senior Program Manager

Mr Nikhil Bhatia
Hop Electric

Mr Akshay Kumar
Assistant Manager- e-Mobility

This webinar took place on 24th February 2022.

Webinar Overview
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