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Knowledge Webinar on Technology Landscape And Opportunities for Thermal And Mechanical Energy Storage in India

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Welcome to the Knowledge Webinar on Technology Landscape And Opportunities for Thermal And Mechanical Energy Storage in India.

Webinar Overview

Electrochemical batteries are the front runner in energy storage technologies across the world. Mechanical storage and Thermal storage are used for a long time across the globe and are suitable for electricity ecosystems. Mechanical energy storage systems are among the most efficient and sustainable energy storage systems. It includes flywheel, pumped hydro, gravity storage, and compressed air. Mechanical energy storage systems take advantage of kinetic or gravitational forces to store inputted energy. High-tech materials, advanced control systems, and innovative design make these systems feasible in real-world applications. Across the globe, multiple mechanical storage systems are installed and pumped hydro projects take more than 50% of the total global installations. Thermal energy storage (TES), a technology that stocks thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage medium, so that the stored energy can be used later, either for heating and cooling applications or for power generation. Thermal energy storage systems are used particularly in buildings and industrial processes. Thermal energy storage system usages ice, molten salt, or polyphase materials for the phase change process. Thermal energy storage systems have been used in medical, building Colling, process cooling applications in India. We see a huge opportunity for mechanical and thermal storage technologies in India's stationary, industrial, and mobility applications. IESA closely works with various stakeholders in this space under its Beyond Battery Initiative (IESA-BBI). In this webinar, Global experts will discuss various cutting-edge technologies, applications, and roadmap for India.


  • A new approach for pumped hydro
  • The electrothermal energy storage system
  • CAES process
  • Advantage, performance, and reliability of windSoHy CAES(compressed air energy storage)
  • Cost of storage
  • Gravity storage future energy supply
  • Basic elements of a gravity storage
  • Range of application of PCM(phase change material)
  • Salient features of PCM
  • PHS(pumped hydro energy storage system) is the current market 
  • Prototypes of construction robots
  • Different mechanical batteries
  • The market size of mechanical batteries
  • The overall value proposition of mechanical batteries

Duration: ~ 1hour 30 minutes


  • Joe Spease
  • Robert Werner
  • Vishnu Sasidharan
  • Peter Kropotin
  • Michael Willemot
  • Debi Prasad Dash

This webinar took place on 19th May 2021


Webinar Overview
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