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Lithium-ion Battery Technology

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Welcome to the Lithium-ion Battery Technology course.

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of lithium battery technology, covering fundamental principles, manufacturing processes, applications, and future trends. Lithium batteries seem to be everywhere nowadays such as modern electronics, powering devices ranging from smartphones to electric vehicles. Thus, Understanding their design, operation, and optimization is crucial for professionals, students, and researchers.

By the end of this course, you will understand the comprehensive learning of lithium battery technology, enabling them to contribute effectively to the development, implementation, and management of lithium battery systems across various sectors.


This course will help you understand:

  • What are Batteries?
  • Types of Batteries
  • Battery Parameters
  • Components and Design of Batteries
  • Battery Mechanism
  • The effect of the battery environment on the performance of the battery
  • To estimate the state of health and state of charge of the battery
  • Design and develop an intelligent battery management system
  • Research opportunities in battery technologies to meet the future demand 
  • Why lithium-ion batteries?
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries: Schematics
  • Cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
  • Research status on anode/cathode materials
  • Battery chemistry vs energy storage application
  • Technology trends
  • Technology roadmap
  • Beyond lithium-ion batteries
  • What is standard?
  • Why do we need standards?
  • Who formulates Indian standards?
  • How Indian standards are formulated?
  • Harmonization with international standards
  • Implementation of Indian standards - regulations
  • Introduction to the national committee on secondary cells and batteries 
  • Introduction to Indian standards on the safety of secondary batteries - important requirements specified
  • Safety challenges and hazards of Lithium-ion batteries 
  • Global standards – UL, IEC, and other standards 
  • Indian standards – development and publications  
  • Electric vehicle battery life cycle
  • Market for second-life use of lithium-ion battery
  • The second use of lithium-ion batteries in stationary storage
  • Recycling process
  • Lithium-ion battery recycling market
  • LIB recycling process: Umicore process

Course Duration: ~7 hours


  • Dr. Rahul Walawalkar
  • Dr. Manne
  • Aditya Prasad Palavai
  • Dr. K Ramesha
  • Dr. Rashi Gupta
  • Dr. Judy Jeevarajan
  • Shri Shyam Kumar
  • Ms. Laurie Florence
  • Shyam Kumar
  • Dr. Tanmay Sarkar

Good For

  • Students, Professionals
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Business Executives Department Heads
  • Energy Storage Investors
  • Supply Chain, Raw Materials Companies
  • Manufacturing Equipment and Battery Component Suppliers
Fundamentals of Battery and Battery Parameters
Introduction to Battery Testing
Introduction to Battery Safety Standards
Lithium-ion Batteries
Basics of Lithium-ion Batteries and Introduction to Different Chemistries
Safety Challenges and Hazards of Lithium-ion Batteries
An Overview of Global Standards – UL, IEC and Other Standards
An Overview of Indian Standards – Development and Publications
Second-Life Batteries
Battery Recycling and Disposal of Lithium-ion