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Safety and Performance Testing

COURSE | Started On : Tuesday, 20 September 2022 07:21 | 9

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Welcome to the Safety and Performance Testing Course.

Course Overview

As we know there is an exponential rise in deployment of batteries as energy storage devices. The use of electric batteries has become inevitable, the growing safety concerns have gained equal sensitivity. Safety of batteries is extremely important during use and transport of batteries and having a safe battery chemistry and good thermal stability are important factors. 

Hence, this course will help you understand the significance of safety, the need for performance testing, selection of batteries and other safety and performance related concerns.

Course Objective

This course provides an overview on

  • Primary (non-rechargeable & rechargeable) battery chemistries
  • Energy and toxicity
  • Lithium-ion batteries designs and challenges
  • Incidents of lithium-ion battery fires - safety concerns
  • Overcharge/Overvoltage hazards
  • History and need for standards
  • Overview of Safety Testing
  • Indian CMVR (central motor vehicle rules)  requirements
  • Need for performance testing
  • Selection of batteries for EVs


  • Dr Judy Jeevarajan
  • Mr Manoj M Desai

Duration: ~ 20 min

Good For

  • Students, Professionals
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Business Executives Department Heads
  • Energy Storage Investors
  • Supply Chain, Raw Materials Companies
  • Manufacturing Equipment and Battery Component Suppliers

About Series

The course Safety and Performance Testing is part of the Advanced Chemistry Cell Manufacturing: Technology Masterclass 2021 that focuses on ACC manufacturing technologies.

Course Overview
Dr Judy Jeevarajan Introduction
The Need for Battery Safety
Presentation PDF
Mr Manoj V Desai : Introduction
Battery and Performance Testing for Electric Vehicle
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