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Standards for Electric Vehicle

COURSE | Started On : Friday, 16 September 2022 12:15 | 9

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Welcome to Standards for Electric Vehicle Course.

Course Overview

Electric Vehicle (EV) market is witnessing a rapid growth. The use of EVs has increased as they are environment friendly and low maintenance. While e-mobility appears to hold a promising future, the ecosystem around it still needs to be strengthened. This also includes creating awareness about the need of safety and standards to be followed.

It is necessary to achieve benchmark quality, safety, and efficiency levels to stay competitive. Standards also makes it convenient to design and operate associated infrastructure, ensures ease of use and value for money. In this course, we will help you understand various standards that are define for electric vehicle.

Course Objective

This course will help you understand:

  • Electric vehicle supply equipment
  • EV charging equipment
  • EV connectors and couplers
  • UL- 2594, UL- 2022 and UL- 2251
  • Future innovation
  • Electrotechnology in mobility ETD-51
  • Important published standards
  • Standards development on EV battery swap


  • Sonya Bird
  • Joseph Bablo
  • Ritwik Anand

Duration: ~ 1 hour 30 min

This Program is Good for Those Who Are:

  •  Battery Consultants, Engineers, Technicians, Designers and Quality Management Professionals from
  •  Electric vehicles
  •  Stationary Energy Storage System
  •  Battery Management Systems 
  •  Battery Manufacturers
  •  OEMs
  •  ESS Start-ups
  •  Teaching professionals and engineering students

About Masterclass Series on Safety and Standards of Energy Storage Systems:

The transportation and energy ecosystems are undergoing a dynamic transition globally with a paradigm shift from lead-acid to lithium-ion batteries. With the increased demand for electric vehicles and stationary energy, energy storage systems are becoming a necessity of these ecosystems.

As we scale up production and usage of energy storage systems, it is critical to establish, understand and follow standards and safety precautions to avoid future predicaments.

On this background, IESA in association with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. brings a Masterclass Series on Safety and Standards of Energy Storage Systems that will help participants understand different ESS standards and their implementation.

 Standards for Electric Vehicle is the fourth session from the masterclass. The remaining sessions from the Masterclass Series on Safety and Standards of Energy Storage Systems are:

  • Introduction to Standards and Standard Development Process
  • Standards for Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Standards for Energy Storage System
  • Standards for transportation of Lithium-ion Batteries
  • The standard for Repurposed Batteries and Recycling of Batteries
  • Battery Fires in Stationary Grid ESS and EV: Challenges and Mitigation Plans



Course Overview
About Series and Standards for Electric Vehicle
Discussion of UL Standards – UL 2594, UL 2202 and UL 2251
Introduction to Indian Standards for Electric Vehicle