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Ultracapacitors: The Technology Review

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Welcome to the Ultracapacitors : The Technology Review course.

Course Overview

Ultracapacitors are also known as Supercapacitor, or electrochemical capacitor. Supercapacitors are energy storage devices that bridge the gap between batteries and conventional capacitors. They use the same fundamental equations as conventional capacitors but have higher surface area electrodes and thinner dielectrics to achieve greater capacitances. It allows greater energy densities and power densities for capacitors and batteries.

As a result, supercapacitors may become an attractive power solution for an increasing number of applications. Thus, this course will guide you to understand more about supercapacitors and its application.

Course Objectives

This course will help you understand 

  • Types of capacitors
  • Energy storage principle
  • Battery vs ultracapacitors
  • Electrode materials
  • Graphene ultracapacitors
  • Wound and button capacitor construction
  • Hybrid li-ion capacitor
  • Supercapacitor batteries
  • Ultracapacitor Application

Duration: ~ 25 min

Good For

  • Business Decision Makers
  • Business Executives Department Heads
  • Energy Storage Investors
  • Supply Chain, Raw Materials Companies
  • Manufacturing Equipment and Battery Component Suppliers

About Series

The course Supercapacitors is part of the  Advanced Chemistry Cell Manufacturing: Technology Masterclass 2021 that focuses on ACC manufacturing technologies. 


Mr R P Deshpande

Course Overview
Mr. R P Deshpande: Introduction
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