Unveiling Entrepreneurial Odyssey

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Welcome to the Unveiling Entrepreneurial Odyssey webinar.

Course Overview

While India has gained stature as one of the fastest-growing markets for advanced energy storage technology, it is going to need more energy storage than any other country for its ambitious renewable push, to ensure grid stability and reliable and quality power for the consumers. Given this transition, startups will play a key role in the energy storage and EV sector in India.

The IESA Startup initiative has been actively supporting startups in various stages to advance toward a successful establishment. IESA conducts training programs for entrepreneurship acceleration, webinars for expert talks, and roundtable discussions to boost overall understanding & growth, connects startups with desired entities for technological & business growth, and empowers the ecosystem.IESA has been working with the stakeholders in multiple areas of Emerging Tech concerning Energy Storage, E-mobility, Green Hydrogen, Renewable Energy, and Micro Grid-based solutions.

The idea is to understand the challenges faced, opportunities evaluated, experiences, and learnings gathered by the founder. 


This webinar will help you understand:

  • The inception of the idea
  • Emerging areas in the energy storage sector
  • The concept of battery swapping
  • Opportunities for V2G
  • Emerging market
  • Challenges faced
  • Future plan

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Ankit Mittal, Co-founder & CEO, Sheru

Moderator: Chandrashekhar Chincholkar, Director – Advisory Services, Customized Energy Solutions

This webinar is good for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Working professionals and employees working with ES and EV startups
  • Startups in the ideation, prototype,  or product stage
  • Incubation managers and faculty members
  • Teaching professionals and students
Webinar Overview
Unveiling Entrepreneurial Odyssey